Introduction to Cybersecurity

Sunday, July 25, 4 PM IST

Poster, made by Shikhar

Who should attend?

  • Software developers who want security in their applications.
  • Web developers who want to save their products from attacks.
  • Cybersecurity enthusiasts beginning their journey in computer security.
  • Non-IT people interested in getting to know best security practices and common flaws.

What to expect?

  • A free digital certificate of participation!
  • Demonstration of common exploits.
  • Live interaction and Q/A during the workshop.
  • A layperson's perspective of security measures.
  • Cryptography, encoding versus encryption.
  • The fight for digital safety online and offline.

What does this leave me with?

  • Realistic awareness of cybersecurity.
  • Distinguishing rumoured and actual hacking.
  • Options to look for to pursue cybersecurity.

I'm excited!